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1 Deep cleaning of the skin : Clean blackheads, acne, mites
2 Shrink pores: Improve the dark skin, brighten skin tone
3 Moisturizing: Improve skin quality
4 Photoelectric device : Preoperative and postoperative care


 Machine NameSkinpro-1 Hydra Facial Skin Cleaning Machine

 1.Liquiddermabrasion handle with 8 tips

 2.Multipolar RF head

  Rated power 110W
  Micro-current power 10W
  Vaccum pressure  0-75Kpa
  Machine material  ABS
  Rated voltage  AC220V±20% ,50Hz         AC110V±20% ,60Hz
  Package dimensions  44*37*51cm
  Total package weight  10KG

Treatment Process

Clean the skin                   Spray and absorb with distilled water or purified water over the entire face, then use negative pressure to exfoliate dead skin cellsImport the nutrition solution, import the Rich in salicylic acid solution to the "T" area, where the oil secretes or the thick poresApply essence or apply moisturizing mask, cleaning and disinfection the treatment head



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